Can you imagine the capability of a person who :-

•has witnessed the development of the HK city for 50 years,
•has been working in a particular profession for 40 years,
•has documented the construction and development of most of the representing construction/ infrastructure projects in HK for 30 years,
•has studied/witnessed the development of a number of representing cities in China for 20 years,
•has taken more than a million photos in a wide variety of architectural, construction, urban and social related topics during his long years of studies,
•has consolidated his work in a deliverable outputs for sharing by all public making use of a web-based archive continually since 15 years ago.

This is what the owner of this web-site, Raymond WONG Wai Man, experienced and done as what you can see in this Information Bank.

Latest News and Messages

This Information Bank can be described as the 3rd generation of a series of construction related web-sites prepared by Raymond Wai Man WONG since 1998.

Raymond is migrating and upgrading what he has done in the last 15 years from the old sites into a new and more substantiated web-based archive of information using this new site. The migration started in late 2016. we hope we can give the general public  a new site by the end of 2017.