A Brief Introduction about the Information Pack

Raymond Wong has received 2 funds in early 2004 for the development of a series of information packages for the enhancement in the teaching of building and civil engineering/technology related topics. This homepage is part of the outcomes from the funded projects. Details of the funds are highlighted below.


Name of Project
Source of Fund
Duration of the Project
Visual-Based Teaching Packages for Advanced Construction and Civil Engineering LEARNET – Hong Kong Learning Resources Network, University Grants Committee
  1. Production of 4 sets of computer animation showing the application of construction techniques in specially designed site/work scenario.
  2. Production of 12 sets of PowerPoint presentation for specially selected building and civil engineering topics.
February to October 2004
Establishment of an Information Pack of Renowned and Super-sized Construction Projects in Hong Kong for the Teaching and Learning of Construction Technology Courses Teaching Development Fund Project, Education Development Office, City University of Hong Kong
  1. Production of about 40 information packs of some Hong Kong representing building and civil engineering projects. The pack will include information regarding the project background, construction features, or any other technical data relevant for the selected projects.
  2. Establishment of a server and a homepage for the storing, uploading and publicizing the prepared information.
  3. Make use of the information pack to prepare teaching notes or other research/study materials for relevant academic purposes.
April 2004 to June 2005

The funds provided for this integrated project to certain extent serves a seeding purpose. The funds enable the project investigator to establish a platform and a portal system on web to display and share his research/study outputs continually with the teaching and engineering communities. The outcomes are expected to extend far beyond the expiry of the funded period. Please feel free to contact Raymond Wong using his e-mail at [email protected] if more information is required regarding this homepage or his areas of research/studies.