Project Investigator

Investigator: Raymond Wong Wai Man
  Mr Wong is a lecturer at the Division of Building Science and Technology at the City University of Hong Kong. He has been a building industry professional since the late 1970s. Mr Wong is currently a member of the Chartered Institute of Building and the Hong Kong Institute of Building.

For the last five years, Wong has undertaken a series of intensive studies of Hong Kong’s world-renowned infrastructure and building projects. He is an active researcher in the construction of tall buildings, heavy structures, and industrialised construction systems. In the course of his studies, he has made numerous site visits, and has kept an in-depth photographic record of these visits.

Wong recently established a Photo/Information Library at City University of Hong Kong which covers all basic construction technology topics, as well as case studies for many recent building and infrastructure projects. This information contains significant academic value, and is also provides invaluable documentation of the development of construction methods and the progress of the Hong Kong’s construction industry.