Building Technology Information


General Construction Technology

•  Building Construction & Building Services integration 機電設施在樓宇施工時與承建商的工作配合    The PDF

•  Construction of special structures with the involvement of heavy lifting for assembly and installation, the HK cases

•  Animation – Technology using in the construction of the Hong Kong International Financial Centre

          construction of the core wall using climb-form    (animation showing the operation of the jacking system)

         construction of the retail link-bridge using lifting and suspension method      (construction of the link bridge)

•  heavy lifting – construction of the Raffles Tower in Chongqing

•   Use of structural steel in the construction of residential buildings, practices in the western countries   20181124

•  Tensioning technique, Nov 17

• Construction of the roof deck for the Passenger Clearance Facility of HK-Zhuhai- Macao Bridge Link 

    (Roof-Immigration Passenger Clearance Facility)

•  Long Span and Complex Structure

• Representing cases of using Transfer plate

•  Construction methods for contemporary residental building projects

•  Prefabrication Construction Practices in Hong Kong   20201001

•  Tower Crane

•  use of curtain wall with case illustrations

•  Prefabricated Construction Systems for Building and Civil Works (to be continued)

•  composite structure-HK cases [Compatibility Mode]

• composite structure-China cases [Compatibility Mode]

•  Connecting steel elements using bolt-and-nut and by welding  20181124  Bolt & Weld for steel

•  Demolition works-HK cases

•  Demolition-the case of Yau Tong Collapse

•  Sub-structure construction, Feb 2018

•  A general Review of Super High-Rise Structures in Hong Kong and China since 1990s  (to be continued)

•  Animation for complication excavation and construction

•  Erection of tower crane

•  Enhancing the Urban Quality of HK (to be continued)

Formwork & Falsework

•  Formwork for High-rise and Complex

•  use of Traditional formwork in building construction

•  HK cases with projects using self-climbing formwork system        (Formwork system-climb form)

•  Application of Advanced Formwork System in HK 20181020

•  Animation – formwork arrangement to construct typical office-type tower block   the animation 


Foundation & Sub-structure 

•  Introduction to the photo series regarding hand-dug caissons

•  Breif explanation bout Diaphragm wall

•  General Foundation Technology, 2020

•  Explain the construction of Sub-structure of middle to large-sized highrise building (cases without a basement)  

•   Animation – using of Reverse Circulation Drill (RCD) to form a large-diameter bore-pile      (the animation )