Civil Technology Series

 Civil Technology Series

•  20240501  Construction of super-highrise buildings using large cofferdam

•  20230208  Heavy lifting

•  20220314  using modulated trusses to facilitate complex construction

•  20211227    Anchoring System for the case of HKU Centennial Campus

•  20210622  Example a foundation project case – the URA Graham Street Redevelopment

•  Illustration to explain Tunnel Construction  20171223, Illustrate tunnel construction

•  Construction of the HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

•  Airport Core Projects-overall updated

•  A review of HK’s highway construction since 1990s

•  The New International Airport of Hong Kong  (mainly record photos)

•  Construction of recent tunnels in Hong Kong

•  General Tunnel Technology

•  Bridge Construction – construction of a cable suspension bridge in Turkey (resembling Tsing Ma Bridge)

•  Construction of Bridges, updated 2016

•  Three Gorges Dam Project in Yangtze River

•  Review on Recent Large Scale Infrastructure Projects in HK (PDF)

•  Castle Peak Road Improvement Projects

•  Route 8 e-Book Article

•  Container Terminal No. 9

•  15 Most Outstanding Projects in Hong Kong     (temporary de-linked)

•  Deep Bay Link – Northern Section

•  HK-Shenzhen Western Corridor

•  Penny Bay and Disneyland Theme Park — A brief review of the development process

•  Airport Core Project in 1990s

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