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City University is committed to providing students with a quality education that develops their intellectual abilities while providing them with the skills and knowledge base they will need to successfully navigate the complexities of the 21st century.

To lead a fulfilling and successful life against a backdrop of rapidly changing global needs requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. These include the ability to think critically, to reason logically and quantitatively and to communicate effectively. In addition, it is important that everyone has an understanding of sciences that increasingly shape our environment, an awareness of the cultural movements and diversity that have shaped societies and their values, and an appreciation of the enduring arts that express, inspire and continually challenge these values.

GE, in essence, augments and rounds out the specialised training students receive in their majors by enabling them to achieve a breadth of knowledge through exposure to multiple disciplines. GE is the glue that holds disciplines together.

GE is the core of an undergraduate education. It is “general” in that GE provides students with a comprehensive educational experience and prepares them for lifelong learning; it promotes intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.

In other words, GE gives our students an EDGE.

Urban Life and Development (GE1303, to be updated)

Course Information — City University of Hong Kong

City condition inside the old districts of Guangzhou

A Review on the Recent Large Scale Infrastructure Projects in Hong Kong

Local Urban Composition

Redeveloping/Upgrading old and dilapidate districts as a form of improving the urban quality of Hong Kong

Town Planning (Hong Kong : The Facts)

New Towns and New Major Urban Developments (Hong Kong : The Facts)

Transport (Hong Kong : The Facts)

An Overview of Recent Infrastructure and City Development of Guangzhou 綜觀近年廣州的城市與基建發展

The reforming and upgrading of the Dong Ho Stream project 廣州東濠涌整治及環境優化計劃

Yan Nang Road Redevelopment Project in Liwan 荔灣區恩寧路重建計劃及 其鄰近社區的跟進簡介

A brief introduction about the Facilities for the 16th Asia Games in Guangzhou

Guangzhou 3-day Field Trip

Preservation and Revitalization of Buildings with Heritage Value inside City Environments (GE2227)

Introduction about the course

Some representing revitalization cases
in UK and other European cities    20190403 presentation

Introduction to Heritage Study under City Environment

 青島市風貌介紹 1

  青島市風貌介紹 2

Built heritage conservation policy in Singapore    (to be updated)

Heritage Preservation : Hong Kong & Overseas Experiences  (to be updated)

Manchester, Highlight of the city heritage and representative revitalized cases (to be updated)

Past and current conditions of heritage buildings exist inside cities

Ruins and its preservation as a form of the heritage Part 1  (to be updated)

Ruins and its preservation as a form of the heritage Part 2  (to be updated)

Saving Industrial Heritage  (to be updated)

The city of York  (to be updated)

香港歷史建築保護和再利用  (to be updated)

深圳創意產業及文化保育考察一日遊  (to be updated)

文化創意產業相關的保育個案 – 中國篇  (to be updated)

中國古建築導論與欣賞 – 1

中國古建築導論與欣賞 – 2

Hong Kong Historic Buildings

Liberal Studies Series

帶出通識新視野, 第一部分  (to be updated)

帶出通識新視野, 第二部分  (to be updated)