Kai Tak Series

Kai Tak Series



Presentation about Kai Tak development for a presentation in Qingdao University of Technology, July 2019


This series of information is coming from the presentation materials prepared by Raymond Wong for a CPD talk organized by the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation in 14 July 2017. In the presentation Raymond Wong tries to give an overall review of what has been happened in the Kai Tak area since 2000.

◊   Leaflet about the seminar

◊   Presentation Part 1    •  Kai Tak development, Pt 1 – overall review

◊   Presentation Part 2    •  Kai Tak development, Pt 2 – projects updated, general

◊   Presentation Part 3    •  Kai Tak development, Pt 3 – projects updated, infrastructure 1

◊   Presentation Part 4    •  Kai Tak development, Pt 4 – projects updated, infrastructure 2

◊   Presentation Part 5    •  From Kai Tak Nullah to Kai Tak River  the presentation