Photo of the day 每日一照片

◊  20200115  Visual Introduction – Flea Market in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong,



◊  20190718  Visual update of the work progress for the Tung Chung Reclamation project


◊  20190715  今天是農歷六月十三,是魯班師父𧩙正日。無獨有偶,十多年前當時西環的魯班廟正進行翻修,我也去做了個考察,拍了些照片。現發數張當時的紀錄照給大家看看作些參考。

•  The file link

◊  20190122  Seeing the exterior and interior of the Express Rail Terminus at West Kowloon

•    Ex & In view of Terminus

◊  20181128  上海法租界美麗的秋色

◊  20181015

Architectural Appreciation – close-up to see the amazing detail of curtain wall and glass wall in HK

•   facade, curtain wall & glass wall

◊  20180727

A sharing of some old photos of Hong Kong in the 1990s taken by Raymond Wong as part of the outcomes of his work studies


•    HK old photo collection, July 18

◊  20180506  王煒文於五月初一個下午行經維多利亞公園,那兒每到假日,都是印尼家傭經常悠閒地去休假的聚集場地。以下是一些有趣的場面,可見到香港另一面的社會風情。

◊  20180325  王煒文於三月中去了粵北韶關一個名為始興的山區縣,進行了一個考察,最終希望為這類較窮困的山區村落,就如何開發、環境、文化保育及經濟建設等,做點規劃建議。在此,順道將當地山區一些美麗風貌,用圖片給大家來個初步參考。

◊  20180216  王煒文過去超過十年,每年新春初一晚上,都以一個「特殊」身分,到尖沙咀為旅遊發展局舉辦每年一度的花車巡遊匯演進行拍攝。以下是其所拍的一些具代表性的照片,給各位欣賞。

◊  20180210 王煒文今午帶了國內來的友人去志蓮淨苑參觀,拍了些照片,順帶找回20年前他考察志蓮施工工地的一些照片,現發給大家來個分享。

◊  Raymond Wong has joined an education exchange trip to Dun Haung (敦煌) in the last Christmas holidays. Below are some photo that he captured during his trip. One is about the beautiful desert scene and historic/cultural spots he saw in Dun Haung. The other is some activities organized by the exchange organizer. 

◊  Photos uploaded on 14-11-2017, Uncommon views of Admiralty as seen from the work site of Central-Wanchai Bypass

 ◊  Photos uploaded on 26-8-9, Uncommon views somewhere in Hong Kong

◊   Photos uploaded on 24-8-9, Changes in the commercial district of London (around St Paul to Bank and Monument) in this 10 years

◊   Photos uploaded on 17-8-9, Photos as seen by Raymond Wong in Spain during his recent trip to Europe

Views of Ronda, a mountain city in Spain

Scenic as seen from train/bus in the Spain trip

Church interior in Spain

◊   Photos uploaded on 17-8-1, some cases about the construction practices as seen in London

◊   Photos uploaded on 17-7-30, views of Cambridge taken by Raymond Wong ion 30 July 2017

◊   Photos uploaded on 17-7-28, preservation of a historic building in London

◊   Photos uploaded on 17-7-23, an old photo taken at an upper floor from Cheung Kong Centre viewing the previous Governor’s House in 1996

◊   Photos uploaded on 17-7-22, “Some Uncommon Views of Macao”

Do you think you have seen this views of Macao though you have been there a number of times. Try to have a look of it and see how many corners of Macao you can recognize as shown in this set of photos taken by Raymond Wong during his recent trip there.