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◊  20210917

王煒文老師於2016年秋到訪上海華東師範大學, 當時有幸遇上大學的海外學生, 正舉辦一個 國際文化節, 與市民進行交流, 並與眾同樂。王老師在整理其舊照片時, 再發見當日的照片, 所以簡單地製作這份 PPT , 與各友好分享。PPT


◊ 2019年3月初 (3 – 9日),王煒文老師/工程師作為工作核心小組其一成員,與香港城市大學「香港持續發展研究樞紐 」(Sustainable Hong Kong Research Hub) 去了柬埔寨一行,作為一帶一路考察研究工作的一環。祕書處剛完成了一個簡布,放在 Facebook 內,現也發給大家看看,分享一下我們團隊的工作。


◊  王煒文老師/工程師為廣東韶關教育局進行的一個教育講座 20181220  STEM 教育的一個補充


◊  the damage brought to Heng Fa Chuen by the Typhoon Tianzhu on 16 September 2018


◊  Update of the Diamond Hill Station Site, Shatin-Central Link

◊   A special report about the “Regeneration of the West Bank along the Huangpu River at Xuhui District 徐匯區沿黃浦江西岸改造計劃與發展” has been uploaded on 26 July 2018.  

    •   Regeneration of West Bank along Xuhui

◊  These few days I have a lot of discussions with my engineering fellows about some hot issues, that is, matters about some construction defects so claimed by other media in the Express Rail and Shatin-Central Link (Hom Hung & Exhibition Station) projects. I have shared with them some record photos so that the real situation can be seen from a practical angle. I skip all my writing but show you the photos as a sharing of my experience in these areas. Please have a look for reference.

◊   Some photos taken by Raymond Wong after his visit to sites around the West Kowloon Terminus of the Express Rail Link on 26 May 2018

◊   Some photos taken by Raymond Wong after his study visit to the Tseung Kwan O to Lam Tin Tunnel Project on 22 May 2018

◊  王煒文於2015年與 HK Feel 這個网台做了一系列名為「人生工程學」的座談節目,共制作了五輯,大致以通識教育、中國國情及德育相關的議題。從以下的連結可翻看這數輯的錄影,有興趣大家可以一看。 Click in to Link

◊  今午王煒文帶國內來的友人去志蓮淨苑參觀,拍了些照片,順帶找回20年前我考察志蓮施工工地的一些照片,現發給大家來個分享。

◊  王煒文於2017年聖誕期間,參與了一個名為「華夏園丁」,主要由中、港、澳及台灣与星加坡近300多位老師所組成的教育交流活動,負責舉辦的城市今屆是甘肅省的敦煌市。附上是王煒文回港後寫的一篇報道,以抒發他行程活動中的感懷。

•    20171225  敦煌之旅感怀

•     20180209 敦煌之旅到訪敦煌中學

•     20180209 敦煌之旅香港老師表演

◊   香港 01 報導王煒文專輯

◊   Visit to the Tolo Harbor Ma Shi Chau Geo-Park 吐露港馬屎洲地質公園遊

•    20171204 馬屎洲地質公園介紹

◊   Seminar and Photo Gallery

•    watch the video

◊   Seminar and Photo Gallery conducted by Raymond Wong titled “Review of the Construction Industry since 1950s and how it Contributed to the Successful Development of Hong Kong”. Date of event: 12 and 13 October 2017.

      •  Raymond Wong seminar & gallery event 20171012

◊  Seminar by Raymond Wong about “Kai Tak Development” on 14-7-2017

     •  Leaflet, Kai Tak development by Raymond Wong

◊  Seminar by Raymond Wong about “Cost Implication of Temporary Works for Large-size & Complicated Projects” on 19-7-2017

    •   20170719 CPD Flyer _ICES_