Guangzhou Studies Series

◊  广州自90年代在城市保育更新方面的进程与成就 –  會議文稿

A Brief Overview of Recent Guangzhou City Development

Villages inside the City of Guangzhou (城中村)

General Introduction

Street & Lane

Xiguan House

Guangzhou Housing


Pearl River

Theme Street


Guangzhou Infrastructure

Guangzhou New City Axle

Guangzhou Convention Center

The reforming and upgrading of the Dong Ho Stream (東濠涌) project

The reforming and upgrading of the Liwan Stream (荔灣涌) and the nearby district

Yan Nang Road Redevelopment Project in Liwan

A brief introduction about the Facilities for the 16th Asia Games in Guangzhou



City Condition Inside the Old Districts of Guangzhou

An Overview of Recent Infrastructure and City Development of Guangzhou

Transportation Facilities of Guangzhou

Trees inside the city of Guangzhou