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◊  20190523  latest update of the revitalization of Central Police Station Compound – Tai Kwun, Centre for Heritage and Art

◊   20190526  Review of the revitalization of the Previous Marine Police Headquarters, the 1881 Heritage (updated)
◊   representing revitalization cases in UK and other European cities •  20190403 presentation
◊  Architectural in Cities with strong colonial influence   
 ◊  Renovate and repair historic buildings
       •   Understanding the meaning of heritage and historic buildings   pt 1
       •   Conversion, Renovation, Strengthening, & Repair of historic             buildings  pt 2
 ◊  昆明宜良縣城區內一個舊區清拆與重建個案介紹     old district in Yiliang, 昆明宜良土橋村重建介紹
 ◊  Preservation and Revitalization of Buildings with Heritage Value – The Hong Kong situation

   • Lecture by Raymond Wong- introduction, understanding HK heritage

 ◊  Strengthening, renovation and repair of historic building
 ◊  中國古建築導論與欣賞 – 帶有濃厚本土/廣東色彩的傳統民族建築
◊   Criteria and classification of HK’s heritage assets
Built heritage conservation policy in Singapore
Heritage Preservation : Hong Kong & Overseas Experiences
Past and current conditions of heritage buildings exist inside cities
Ruins and its preservation as a form of the heritage Part 1
Ruins and its preservation as a form of the heritage Part 2
Saving Industrial Heritage
The city of York
Review of the Heritage Studies Program
文化創意產業相關的保育個案– 中國篇