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My homepage has a history of about 10 years which was originally so designed to showcase some of my works serving as an academic staff in the City University of Hong Kong.

During the past 15 years, I have done quite a lot of meaningful things other than just a teacher teaching technical subjects. I have done a lot of technical studies mainly driven by personal interest. At the beginning, I studied the construction of some famous and representing construction projects. After the mid of 1990s, Hong Kong has drained huge amount of capitals into the development of infrastructure in order to further enhance her position as an international city. I studied almost all the major projects so involved in the development process, starting from the new airport at Chek Lap Kok.

At the same time, China is expanding so fast that beyond the imagination of the outside world. That attracted me to step into this new zone and started my studies of the developments there. China is such a vast place that far beyond the reach of a single person. So, I take the nearest one starting from the city of Guangzhou, with some spare times, also visit Shanghai occasionally.

What I usually do in my studies? It is simple and primitive. I walk all the way, climb up and down, observe using both my eye and my camera in order to reveal the features hidden inside these super-sized construction projects. And of course, some literature review or data search afterward, as well as prepare related papers or report, is part of my works.

This is briefly what I have done in the past years when I joined the City University since 1992. To showcase a general summary of these works is not an easy task. My homepage is of no doubt a perfect platform as a means for such purpose. Try to have a look of some of my work inside. The information therein is practical without too much high-sounding theories. Hope you can enjoy viewing them.


Mr Raymond WONG Wai Man is a lecturer at the Division of Building Science and Technology at the City University of Hong Kong. Since his graduation in the previous Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1977 and the obtaining of his professional qualification as a Chartered Builder in 1982, he has worked in a few well-established contractor and development firms, where he acquired substantial experience and connection within the building industry. Mr Wong is currently a member of the Chartered Institute of Building and the Hong Kong Institute of Building.

Since he joined the City University in 1992, Mr Raymond Wong has undertaken a series of intensive studies of some of the Hong Kong’s world-renowned construction projects*. These include some major infrastructure projects such as the new airport at Chek Lap Kok, the Lantau Link and West Kowloon development, as well as building projects such as the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre extension, The Center, the redevelopment of the Lee Garden Hotel and the Cheung Kong Center etc. Mr Wong is an active researcher in the areas of tall building construction, heavy structures, industrialized construction systems, bridges, highway and tunnel technology. In the course of his studies, Mr Wong has made numerous site visits, interviewed countless building professions, and has kept a rich and systematic collection of photographic record of the projects under his studies.

With the support of several research funds, Mr Raymond WONG Wai Man has established a Photo Bank and Construction Technology Information Pool at the City University of Hong Kong which covers almost all basic construction technology topics, as well as in-depth case studies for many recent building and infrastructure projects. This information contains significant academic, as well as commercial value, and documented the actual practices and development of construction methods, and even the technological evolution of the Hong Kong’s construction industry.

Interested parties can contact Mr Raymond WONG Wai Man at his e-mail address at [email protected] should further information be required.


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王煒文的小傳 – 1997

王煒文的小傳 – 2012



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